I was lost, I was down

And the burden of my guilt

Weighed heavily on me

I was crushed,

I was ashamed

At the point of no return

I saw no place to flee


But in my darkest hour

You reached into my soul

And tenderly told me what to do:

Not to contemplate my loss

But to look up to the cross

And to stand up tall

And to lift my hands

And start to sing:


‘Cause through your sacrifice

My sins are forgiven.

‘Cause through your endless love

My pain is relieved

Your open arms

Embrace me, heal me, and make me new

There is no greater joy

Than finding my way

Back to you


You have restored my vision

You have renewed my faith

You have rebuilt my confidence

I will never be the same again

de pe albumul Songs of Deliverance, lansat pe 4 decembrie 2017

Muzica și versurile: Dominic Samuel Fritz

Solist vocal: Cornelia Sărăcuți
Voci adiționale (backing): Cornel Olar
Chitări adiționale: Cornel Olar

Toate drepturile rezervate

Articolul este disponibil și în English.