My life fell apart

My doubts were crushing me

I was confused, alone, and scared


But in the deepest hole

And the darkest night

You were there with me

You never went away


You took my hands

You raised me up

You opened my lips and let me pray:


I’m gonna make it with you by my side

I’m gonna get there with you as my guide

There is nobody and nothing that could take this life from me

It is a gift from you, and you gave it to me

To be loved and to be free


I often have no words

For all that burns in me

All my desire and hope and pain


Into my speechlessness

And the rage inside

You speak to me

And call me by my name


You take my hands

You raise me up

You open my lips and I proclaim:


Give me dreams that I can fight for

I want more than just survive

You’re my courage, you’re my comfort

You’re the reason I’m alive

de pe albumul Songs of Deliverance, lansat pe 4 decembrie 2017

Muzica și versurile: Dominic Samuel Fritz, parțial inspirat din „Du kennst die Zeit“ de Annette Pretzel (versurile) și Dominic Samuel Fritz (muzica)

Solist vocal: Alexandra Şari
Chitări adiționale: Cornel Olar

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Articolul este disponibil și în English.