Where there is sadness let there be joy

We want to build up, not to destroy

A new day dawns in the midst of the night

At the end of each winter, spring is in sight


Where there is cruelty, let there be grace

Where there’s neglection, let us embrace

The light of a candle can drive out the dark

Even a small child can leave a mark


Let there be peace on earth for all

Let us be the light when darkness falls

May in the face of hate our love grow strong

We’ll never cease to pour our hope in song


Where there is conflict, let us forgive

Where there is death, give us courage to live

The world is imperfect, and we are, too,

The path to redemption is only in you


He is the wonderful counselor

He is the mighty god

The everlasting father

The prince of peace

The joy and peace he brings us

Will guard our hearts and minds

There’s nothing we have to fear

As long as we live in Jesus Christ

de pe albumul Songs of Deliverance, lansat pe 4 decembrie 2017

Muzica și versurile: Dominic Samuel Fritz

Soliști vocali: Ana Kui, Dominic Samuel Fritz
Chitări adiționale: Cornel Olar

Toate drepturile rezervate

Articolul este disponibil și în English.