The words I’ve not yet spoken

The truths I cannot face

The dreams I do not dare to dream


They were in you

Even before I knew

That all my being is a part of your plan


Lord, you have searched me

You know me completely

There’s nowhere I could go without you by my side

Your love surrounds me

Your spirit is within me

And you follow me to the end of the earth


The times that I’ve betrayed you

The moments I got hurt

The friends I lost with no goodbye


I don’t understand

But I am in your hand

With all my failures and my fears and my flaws

de pe albumul Songs of Deliverance, lansat pe 4 decembrie 2017

Muzica și versurile: Dominic Samuel Fritz, bazate pe piesa originală „Du kennst mich“ de Regina Werbick (versurile) și Dominic Samuel Fritz (muzica)

Soliști vocali: Amalia Iordache, Cornelia Sărăcuți
Chitări adiționale: Cornel Olar

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Articolul este disponibil și în English.