The world is turning fast

No one knows what tomorrow will bring

What will end, what lasts?

Is there an answer somewhere?


Each day there’s something new

Old certainties keep on slipping away

Life is going in zic-zacs and circles

But there’s a truth that endures:


Nothing remains unchanged

Only your love is eternally there

Everything fades away

Only your love doesn’t go anywhere


Day and night

Joy and pain

Whatever happens

You’re always the same


I’m moving ahead

You got my back

I’m not afraid to be changed

by your unchanged love


Our contradictions sting

We know what’s right, yet we do what is wrong

We all want different things

Yet we all yearn for the same


Some hate seems without end

Some love seems it’s disappearing too soon

It’s a world out of sync and confusing

But there’s a constant in all:


Nothing remains but your great love

Everything fades but your great love

I am changed by your great love

Your love remains

de pe albumul Songs of Deliverance, lansat pe 4 decembrie 2017

Muzica și versurile: Dominic Samuel Fritz

Solist vocal: Alexandra Şari
Voci adiționale (backing): Ana Kui

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Articolul este disponibil și în English.